Great People in Amsterdam:


The cool thing about Amsterdam is when you take your bike, you never know what you will find around the canal’s corner. There are always new boutiques, new ideas and great people to meet.
I discovered Universe on a T-Shirt last year and it was love at first sight. It represents to me the spirit of Amsterdam. Cool, simple and good quality.


WHO’s That?
Efrat Dalach & Joris Schenk are the heart and spirit of the brand. They design every single piece in here, make sure their suppliers keep high standards regarding the t-shirts and sweaters production. They are celebrating their 10 years of creativity and hard work this year. Happy birthday and congrats for this amazing work!


Joris wears the Eye green sweater, 46€

WHAT’s that?
You might have guessed now: organic cotton or linen tee-shirts and sweaters on which Efrat & Joris print their inspiring designs. They have designs and shapes for everyone and every style, from a very basic geometrical boat (here) to a complete art expression (there).

HOW’s that?
They don’t create a massive production nor stick to the heavy and stressful 4 collections a year rhythm. They just create several pieces, see how it goes and decide to keep up or create something new. I told you, cool and simple!

As for the fabrics, they source their tee-shirts and sweaters from 3 different companies who use only organic fabrics and limit their impact on the environment.



My favorite piece: hard to choose but if I had to pick one, I would go for the short white sweater with little dandelions to blow on one side. It is easy to wear with a jeans or even with a knitted long dress.
Inspiring and bucolic.



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