A boutique worth knowing: Studio Jux


Sunday morning
Praise the dawning
It’s just a restless feeling
By my side…

Now that you have the best song for a wintery morning, you are ready to go down to de Pijp and enter this zen and warm boutique (or just open your computer and go to their website from your bed).


StudioJux is many different things at the same time. They like explaining it easily: design+eco+fair.

This means that their entire collection is made with fabrics that are organic (linen, hemp), natural and local (cotton, jersey, bamboo) or recycled (buttons made out of paper).

As for the rest, everything is quite transparent. Pieces are made by tailors you can meet on the website and the two Dutch wonder women who started this great business work hand in hand with Terre des Hommes, organization fighting for proper working conditions; and are part of the project Women Empowerment, helping the Nepali married women to work at home.


I think I have learned by heart all the explanations and great projects StudioJux presents on their website! I like the fact that they take into consideration all faces of fashion industry’s bad impact: fabrics production & treatment, tailors’ working condition, and environmental impact.

The boutique offers more than their own collection. Other great brands are present such as PeopleTree, Cus, Aurélie Chadaine, etc. You can find clothing but also accessories, nail polish, books, candles, etc. I let you get lost and tempted here.

Of course, transparency, strict social and environmental chart and well-done job has a price and it is definitely higher than the job done by a pressured worker without a decent training and working condition, who uses very poor fabrics.


The more I dig into sustainable fashion, the more aware I get about these crazy major and important differences. My cravings for new fashion pieces are still quite big but it becomes easier to resist to Zara, wait to have a bigger budget and feel way much happier with a jacket made from old saris, original and well cut.


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