All I want for Christmas

Dear readers,

It’s Holiday time!

You are probably with your family enjoying the big banquet, being all together and that’s all Christmas is about. Sharing, giving love, helping and being nice to everyone, including this old and annoying aunt you only see at this period of the year.

What to ask to Santa?

We tend to offer magnificent gift to our beloved ones but each year, it is getting crazier and crazier. What about for once, offering something valuable but not expensive?

Indeed, the more I have, the more I want and the less happy I am. Typical right? So if I reverse the logic and think of one thing I want and only one, this very thing will get much more value to me than if it was lost among a tone of others.

What to give?

For the first time, I spend Christmas in Australia meaning literally the other side of the world. My sister lives in Bondi Beach, two blocks away from the beach and believe me, spending Christmas eve shopping eggplants and fresh tomatoes in a summer dress, under a boiling sun is weird!

It also makes me focus on what’s essential: sharing the moment (and drink good wine obviously) with my dear sister and forgetting about everything else.


I wish for you the exact same true and simple happiness of being with your beloved people. This is what only matters. Merry Christmas!



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