Look 2! 18 to go.

Snowy, windy, greyish day…Do you feel what I feel?

I can’t bring you chocolate and give you a hug but I can at least propose you another sustainable look! Cool, right?

This look is perfect for the weekend or for the office if it’s relaxed enough for denim. White is always a pure and shinny color that makes your mood lift up and make you feel as if you were brand new!


Top : Bonobo, 24,99€ / Jeans: Bonobo, 34,99€ / Sneakers: Twins for Peace, 77€

New look, new brands:

Bonobo: This denim brand has the perfect young and urban style. Plus, they support associations like: Planète Urgence, fighting against deforestation; Awely, protecting endangered wildlife and local communities; and small environmental projects (more details on their blog). Concerning their denim, they use a technique which uses ozone in order to help reduce water usage up to 80%. They also have a range of clothes made from organic cotton at an affordable price. I must say Bonobo is not the perfect sustainable brand but it is definitely interesting and there are some good projects where you can get involved.

Logo de la marque Twins for Peace représentant deux silhouettes d'éléphant de profil allant vers la droiteTwins for Peace: Same concept as the brand Toms; “For each pair purchased, another one is offered to a child in need.” They also make sure the shoes given are produced locally and ethically to support the community. They call it the Shoe Project. Once it is implemented, they are there to stay and keep on helping with education and healthcare in order to break the circle of poverty. Other cool fact, the shoes available for you on the website are handcrafted and manufactured fairly. You should have a look at their website. I’m not a fan of sneakers but I think they have very cool designs.

Hope it inspires you. Have a sweet week !


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