Ready to start the week?

Good morning everybody,

As the storm seems to have fed away and the temperature seems to rise again, I got inspired by an end of winter look. Let’s drop the heavy wool and go for some colors. A touch of gold on the shoes, a peach blush on the cheeks and you will be just fine to start the week.


Top: Armed Angels, 49,90€ / Skirt: Armed Angels, 69,90€ / Shoes: Beyond Skin, 155€

This time, I stayed in Europe for the entire silhouette. A German brand for clothes, a British star for the loafers.

ArmedAngels is German and fair. They don’t believe in fast fashion and therefore, offer modern pieces quite classic and easy to infinitely mix and match with whatever you have in your wardrobe. All the fabrics they use are either recycled, fairly produced or organic. They are as good as their name!

It happened to be very difficult to find affordable shoes with strong environmental and ethic values. There are many interesting brands but as soon as it gets to conscious production, it is expensive. Why? I am tempted to answer that is because a shoe is difficult to make, involves good quality leather and a valuable know-how. Beyond Skin is not cheap and has something that can even satisfy vegan: they do not use leather! They are fully transparent on their production process and have very impressive methods. You will learn all of it: here, worth it!

Happy happy Monday  ❤


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