Weekend inspirations

The saga goes on with 3 looks this time! If you plan to go out, chill in the city or stay comfy at home, I have ideas for all these relaxing moments. And yes, I’ll name the looks this time.

In the sunny side of the street :


Blouse: Bonobo, 22€ / Dress: Ekyog, 49€

We have the shoes since look4 and at this price trust me, we’ll use them!

I already introduced Bonobo in a previous post so I’ll skip that and will go to Ekyog. It is a French brand using organic or recycled fibres for every single piece they produce. Besides, they have their own ethic chart to make sure that human rights are respected and wisely choose their collaborators. I found this dress on sale but usually, Ekyog is expensive. Here again, we understand why. Fairly paid workers,  qualitative and environmental friendly fabrics are not cheap. And if you still doubt about where your money goes, they give 10% of their profit each year to their fondation Terre d’Ekyog involved in environmental projects.


Dri(/u)nk in a bar :


Dress: Reformation, 98$ (Pretty but not bend-over-friendly)

Reformation. So far this brand is my favorite, and not only because it makes me think of Beyonce’s last album. Feminine designs, not too sexy not too shy, elegant fabrics, intense colors and long long dresses. Besides this already very attractive set, they are a Certified Benefit Corporation (B Corps). It means that they use the power of business to improve the social and environment issues. I love this brand, did I say it already?


A Sunday kind of black :


Top: Elegantees, 52$ / Jeans: Kings of Indigo, 99,95€ / Shoes: Everlane, 195$

Kings of Indigo jeans is made out of organic cotton and used 50% less water to born than a pair of jeans from a regular brand. At K.I.O., they make quality products to last long and they damage as little as possible the environment by doing them. From their HQ where 40% energy is generated by renewable energy to the packaging made entirely from recycled materials. Everything is long-term thought and transparent. The less water used factor is the most attractive to me as water is a finite resource and I consider fashion not worthy enough to endanger Humanity. No, it is not out of proportion. Okay. Slightly perhaps.

Elegantees top is made by Nepali women rescued from sex trafficking. The American brand gives an opportunity to these women to earn a decent living and live a better life. Every piece is signed by the woman who sewed it. They are 12 for the moment. Let’s hope they will be more and more.

Everlane is again American. I can’t help myself, these Americans know how to do it! I absolutely love the transparence they offer to clients. For every piece, they explain precisely every production costs and they even show the margin they make! Comparing to the average industry margin on a similar product. The margin seems huge but it is also there to cover marketing, communication and administration costs. Even if the price is quite high for some pieces, I would more tempted to buy understanding why it is that high.

3 looks, 1 weekend, 2 lazy mornings,  4 feasts and lots of happiness. See you next week!


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