Are you ready for the rain?

If you are in Amsterdam, you will know why I post some tips about rain boots precisely today. With this very depressing torrential rain that flushes our day and absolutely nothing waterproof in my wardrobe, I thought time had come.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you…the DamDam look!


Trench coat: La Refinery, 35€  /  Rain Boots: Boatilus, 20€

La Refinery is not a brand but a wonderful charity project born in France not so long ago. The pieces are bought from associations fighting for social reintegration through textile recycling. Every piece is kind of unique and surely reshaped with much love by the designers from La Refinery. So this trench coat is one of a kind but there are many others, for all tastes and styles!

I have always found weird to wear second hand shoes so I searched for new pairs and it was not difficult this time to find green, cool and affordable boots! I chose for a very classic model mostly for the brand itself. The Italian family company Boatilus is mainly for a children product range. Yet, they invented a model 100% recyclable by being biodegradable! Cherry on the cake: they have a wide range of colors and the boots are perfumed. Unfortunately, for the strong and grown up women as we are, they only offer the black color model without any flavored scent. Thankfully everything is not lost, the boots are still biodegradable. Pretty cool already!

Dear weather, you can cry as much as you want, we won’t care anymore!


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