About Aniza

Aniza is a community more than anything else. A place where you can enjoy goods made with style and love for you and our planet.

It is difficult to shop and not feel guilty about the impact it has on the world. We all know we must change the way we live and consume if we want future generations to live the same great life we have (or just us in twenty years if we don’t care about the other).

So what can we do? We surely won’t live without traveling on the other side of the world, having a new dress for our friend’s birthday planned next week or taking pics of magic moments with our smartphone! What we can do is to start small, by being a conscious consumer.

I truly believe that the smallest good thing we do can inspire friends, family and even brands to do better as well. Regarding Fashion, the second most polluting industry, imagine the impact a small action can have! Let’s say we buy less crap but more sustainable pieces, made by a conscious and eco-friendly brand. We look stunning, we inspire our friends, bam! We change the world!

Yes, I am very excited and positive.

But it is that simple. Aniza is here to gather all sustainable fashion pieces and good vibes for you to enjoy life with your eyes closed!