Sports wear: how to be fit and ethic

Training and staying fit is healthy for your mind and body. Breath in, breath out, there is still all the week to go. If you like to take a moment for yourself in your busy schedule by training or meditate, this look is for you.

After 10 minutes of research, I found numerous sportswear brands, made in Europe or in the US. I must say I really liked the american brands and their websites that make you fill fit only by looking at their collection and want to buy everything with perfect pictures and a clean design. I know that shipping is a big actor when it comes to a product’s carbone foot print. As we agree on consuming local as often as possible, where is the limit in this rule? Is it better to consume a poor product made in our region or daring to be a guilty actor in the shipping impact while supporting an innovative and environmental friendly way of producing?

Introduced together with a real question about local / non local but transparent and responsible (question which deserves a proper long article which will come soon), Manduka is THE brand known by every yogis. Their definition is a dream: Manduka wants to respect Nature and work with the most limited waste possible. They claim a 100% transparency in their production and explain it all on their website. Prices are not that affordable but you understand quickly while reading their process that using recycled material or organic cotton is not cheap. Plus the idea here is not to use the outfit for one season but for much more. The legging I use for trainings is old for more than 5 years and still good enough to support my weekly sessions. If you have already sportswear in your closet, ask yourself honestly if you need another piece. If not, treat yourself another way. A nice dinner with a good friend is worthless after a good and sweaty sport session! 🙂

As a good European alternative, I find Asquith quite elegant and supportive with its simple designs. The brand produces its collections in the south of Turkey, in a family-owned factory where the work is ethically done (a 9 to 5 working day for everybody) and products created out of bamboo and organic cotton (GOTS certification). Again, not made locally but very well and respectfully produced.


After this long presentation, ladies and gentlemen, the look!


Manduka Bra (60€) / Asquith Legging (49£) 


Everything said, time to train ladies!



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