Are you ready for the rain?

If you are in Amsterdam, you will know why I post some tips about rain boots precisely today. With this very depressing torrential rain that flushes our day and absolutely nothing waterproof in my wardrobe, I thought time had come.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you…the DamDam look!


Trench coat: La Refinery, 35€  /  Rain Boots: Boatilus, 20€

La Refinery is not a brand but a wonderful charity project born in France not so long ago. The pieces are bought from associations fighting for social reintegration through textile recycling. Every piece is kind of unique and surely reshaped with much love by the designers from La Refinery. So this trench coat is one of a kind but there are many others, for all tastes and styles!

I have always found weird to wear second hand shoes so I searched for new pairs and it was not difficult this time to find green, cool and affordable boots! I chose for a very classic model mostly for the brand itself. The Italian family company Boatilus is mainly for a children product range. Yet, they invented a model 100% recyclable by being biodegradable! Cherry on the cake: they have a wide range of colors and the boots are perfumed. Unfortunately, for the strong and grown up women as we are, they only offer the black color model without any flavored scent. Thankfully everything is not lost, the boots are still biodegradable. Pretty cool already!

Dear weather, you can cry as much as you want, we won’t care anymore!

Weekend inspirations

The saga goes on with 3 looks this time! If you plan to go out, chill in the city or stay comfy at home, I have ideas for all these relaxing moments. And yes, I’ll name the looks this time.

In the sunny side of the street :


Blouse: Bonobo, 22€ / Dress: Ekyog, 49€

We have the shoes since look4 and at this price trust me, we’ll use them!

I already introduced Bonobo in a previous post so I’ll skip that and will go to Ekyog. It is a French brand using organic or recycled fibres for every single piece they produce. Besides, they have their own ethic chart to make sure that human rights are respected and wisely choose their collaborators. I found this dress on sale but usually, Ekyog is expensive. Here again, we understand why. Fairly paid workers,  qualitative and environmental friendly fabrics are not cheap. And if you still doubt about where your money goes, they give 10% of their profit each year to their fondation Terre d’Ekyog involved in environmental projects.


Dri(/u)nk in a bar :


Dress: Reformation, 98$ (Pretty but not bend-over-friendly)

Reformation. So far this brand is my favorite, and not only because it makes me think of Beyonce’s last album. Feminine designs, not too sexy not too shy, elegant fabrics, intense colors and long long dresses. Besides this already very attractive set, they are a Certified Benefit Corporation (B Corps). It means that they use the power of business to improve the social and environment issues. I love this brand, did I say it already?


A Sunday kind of black :


Top: Elegantees, 52$ / Jeans: Kings of Indigo, 99,95€ / Shoes: Everlane, 195$

Kings of Indigo jeans is made out of organic cotton and used 50% less water to born than a pair of jeans from a regular brand. At K.I.O., they make quality products to last long and they damage as little as possible the environment by doing them. From their HQ where 40% energy is generated by renewable energy to the packaging made entirely from recycled materials. Everything is long-term thought and transparent. The less water used factor is the most attractive to me as water is a finite resource and I consider fashion not worthy enough to endanger Humanity. No, it is not out of proportion. Okay. Slightly perhaps.

Elegantees top is made by Nepali women rescued from sex trafficking. The American brand gives an opportunity to these women to earn a decent living and live a better life. Every piece is signed by the woman who sewed it. They are 12 for the moment. Let’s hope they will be more and more.

Everlane is again American. I can’t help myself, these Americans know how to do it! I absolutely love the transparence they offer to clients. For every piece, they explain precisely every production costs and they even show the margin they make! Comparing to the average industry margin on a similar product. The margin seems huge but it is also there to cover marketing, communication and administration costs. Even if the price is quite high for some pieces, I would more tempted to buy understanding why it is that high.

3 looks, 1 weekend, 2 lazy mornings,  4 feasts and lots of happiness. See you next week!

Ready to start the week?

Good morning everybody,

As the storm seems to have fed away and the temperature seems to rise again, I got inspired by an end of winter look. Let’s drop the heavy wool and go for some colors. A touch of gold on the shoes, a peach blush on the cheeks and you will be just fine to start the week.


Top: Armed Angels, 49,90€ / Skirt: Armed Angels, 69,90€ / Shoes: Beyond Skin, 155€

This time, I stayed in Europe for the entire silhouette. A German brand for clothes, a British star for the loafers.

ArmedAngels is German and fair. They don’t believe in fast fashion and therefore, offer modern pieces quite classic and easy to infinitely mix and match with whatever you have in your wardrobe. All the fabrics they use are either recycled, fairly produced or organic. They are as good as their name!

It happened to be very difficult to find affordable shoes with strong environmental and ethic values. There are many interesting brands but as soon as it gets to conscious production, it is expensive. Why? I am tempted to answer that is because a shoe is difficult to make, involves good quality leather and a valuable know-how. Beyond Skin is not cheap and has something that can even satisfy vegan: they do not use leather! They are fully transparent on their production process and have very impressive methods. You will learn all of it: here, worth it!

Happy happy Monday  ❤

Sports wear: how to be fit and ethic

Training and staying fit is healthy for your mind and body. Breath in, breath out, there is still all the week to go. If you like to take a moment for yourself in your busy schedule by training or meditate, this look is for you.

After 10 minutes of research, I found numerous sportswear brands, made in Europe or in the US. I must say I really liked the american brands and their websites that make you fill fit only by looking at their collection and want to buy everything with perfect pictures and a clean design. I know that shipping is a big actor when it comes to a product’s carbone foot print. As we agree on consuming local as often as possible, where is the limit in this rule? Is it better to consume a poor product made in our region or daring to be a guilty actor in the shipping impact while supporting an innovative and environmental friendly way of producing?

Introduced together with a real question about local / non local but transparent and responsible (question which deserves a proper long article which will come soon), Manduka is THE brand known by every yogis. Their definition is a dream: Manduka wants to respect Nature and work with the most limited waste possible. They claim a 100% transparency in their production and explain it all on their website. Prices are not that affordable but you understand quickly while reading their process that using recycled material or organic cotton is not cheap. Plus the idea here is not to use the outfit for one season but for much more. The legging I use for trainings is old for more than 5 years and still good enough to support my weekly sessions. If you have already sportswear in your closet, ask yourself honestly if you need another piece. If not, treat yourself another way. A nice dinner with a good friend is worthless after a good and sweaty sport session! 🙂

As a good European alternative, I find Asquith quite elegant and supportive with its simple designs. The brand produces its collections in the south of Turkey, in a family-owned factory where the work is ethically done (a 9 to 5 working day for everybody) and products created out of bamboo and organic cotton (GOTS certification). Again, not made locally but very well and respectfully produced.


After this long presentation, ladies and gentlemen, the look!


Manduka Bra (60€) / Asquith Legging (49£) 


Everything said, time to train ladies!


Look 2! 18 to go.

Snowy, windy, greyish day…Do you feel what I feel?

I can’t bring you chocolate and give you a hug but I can at least propose you another sustainable look! Cool, right?

This look is perfect for the weekend or for the office if it’s relaxed enough for denim. White is always a pure and shinny color that makes your mood lift up and make you feel as if you were brand new!


Top : Bonobo, 24,99€ / Jeans: Bonobo, 34,99€ / Sneakers: Twins for Peace, 77€

New look, new brands:

Bonobo: This denim brand has the perfect young and urban style. Plus, they support associations like: Planète Urgence, fighting against deforestation; Awely, protecting endangered wildlife and local communities; and small environmental projects (more details on their blog). Concerning their denim, they use a technique which uses ozone in order to help reduce water usage up to 80%. They also have a range of clothes made from organic cotton at an affordable price. I must say Bonobo is not the perfect sustainable brand but it is definitely interesting and there are some good projects where you can get involved.

Logo de la marque Twins for Peace représentant deux silhouettes d'éléphant de profil allant vers la droiteTwins for Peace: Same concept as the brand Toms; “For each pair purchased, another one is offered to a child in need.” They also make sure the shoes given are produced locally and ethically to support the community. They call it the Shoe Project. Once it is implemented, they are there to stay and keep on helping with education and healthcare in order to break the circle of poverty. Other cool fact, the shoes available for you on the website are handcrafted and manufactured fairly. You should have a look at their website. I’m not a fan of sneakers but I think they have very cool designs.

Hope it inspires you. Have a sweet week !

First look is there!

Hello, halo, bonjour!

I’m in a very good mood today because I have found many items that can pretend to enter in the super VIP selection of my 20 total looks.

During these 2 weeks of search, I have also questioned myself: how do I want to create my looks? Does everything need to be new? Do I have to find new stuff for every single look?

After quite some reflexion, I have decided to mix, use and reuse. After all, buying less and use better is the heart of a slower and more conscious fashion, right?

So here it is, my first two looks with a simple and basic piece.


Earrings: People Tree 11€ / Dress: also from People Tree 65€ / Shoes: Osborn, 39.99$

This is not really a look to face the cold winter we have in Europe but at the very first days of spring, when it’s still a bit chilly but you are fed up with your big sweater, thick stockings and heavy boots, you’ll be happy to have this dress and colorful ballerinas to wear!

About People Tree: German brand 100% Fair Trade. They committed to the World Fair Trade Organization Fair Trade Standards. It means that they have an eye on everything, from the producer partners to their stakeholders behavior. They tend to set a business example that lies in fair partnership, people-centred values and sustainability. When you choose for PeopleTree, you know that your clothing is respectful of Nature and people. Pretty cool, right? Go and check their story.

About Osborn: I’m completely in love with this New-York brand! It has been created 8 years ago, in 2009 by a couple of artists, Carla Venticinque-Osborn and Aaron Osborn: “We are a husband and wife team, with backgrounds in community development, fine art and design. This footwear project & brand embodies the spirit of high craft, a handmade product that tells it’s own story with vibrant pauses and exclamation points. We work with artisan communities around the world to develop custom Osborn textiles and to make rad shoes. We seek to constantly uplift, share in beauty, and produce work within a global community of fair trade creative networks. There are not that many shoe brands out there with this concentration – and we are proud to be innovators within the field”. And I am impressed!


That’s it for today! Keep an eye open for the next look!



Why 2017 will be great

Happy new year everybody!

I know, I know, January the 19th arrives far after all the excitement, best wishes and great resolutions. It might even be so far that you have already forgotten your good resolutions. Well, I’m here to offer you some cool ones!

Aniza has started 2 months ago, with 3 weeks of pretty good holidays in between. The goal is clear and remains huge, immense, giant: getting some knowledge about all the good brands out there and making sustainable shopping easier.

Well, we miss here some rhythm. Some swing, some funk to help us rock the entire year. How about a challenge? There’s plenty of challenges on instagram, pinterest, etc: squats, yoga, meditation or diet; so how about a fashion challenge?

Let’s say we are in January and we all desperately wait for spring. Until the 20th of March, there are 2 months (sorry for the bad news). Within 2 months, we can make our first challenge: finding 20 total looks that are sustainable, cool AND affordable!

Here, that’s settled!

I have no idea if it is doable, especially for the affordable side but let’s try.

Ready? GO!

“Listen as your day unfolds
Challenge what the future holds
Try and keep your head up to the sky”

(too much okay but the song is cool and I need motivation)


All I want for Christmas

Dear readers,

It’s Holiday time!

You are probably with your family enjoying the big banquet, being all together and that’s all Christmas is about. Sharing, giving love, helping and being nice to everyone, including this old and annoying aunt you only see at this period of the year.

What to ask to Santa?

We tend to offer magnificent gift to our beloved ones but each year, it is getting crazier and crazier. What about for once, offering something valuable but not expensive?

Indeed, the more I have, the more I want and the less happy I am. Typical right? So if I reverse the logic and think of one thing I want and only one, this very thing will get much more value to me than if it was lost among a tone of others.

What to give?

For the first time, I spend Christmas in Australia meaning literally the other side of the world. My sister lives in Bondi Beach, two blocks away from the beach and believe me, spending Christmas eve shopping eggplants and fresh tomatoes in a summer dress, under a boiling sun is weird!

It also makes me focus on what’s essential: sharing the moment (and drink good wine obviously) with my dear sister and forgetting about everything else.


I wish for you the exact same true and simple happiness of being with your beloved people. This is what only matters. Merry Christmas!


A boutique worth knowing: Studio Jux


Sunday morning
Praise the dawning
It’s just a restless feeling
By my side…

Now that you have the best song for a wintery morning, you are ready to go down to de Pijp and enter this zen and warm boutique (or just open your computer and go to their website from your bed).


StudioJux is many different things at the same time. They like explaining it easily: design+eco+fair.

This means that their entire collection is made with fabrics that are organic (linen, hemp), natural and local (cotton, jersey, bamboo) or recycled (buttons made out of paper).

As for the rest, everything is quite transparent. Pieces are made by tailors you can meet on the website and the two Dutch wonder women who started this great business work hand in hand with Terre des Hommes, organization fighting for proper working conditions; and are part of the project Women Empowerment, helping the Nepali married women to work at home.


I think I have learned by heart all the explanations and great projects StudioJux presents on their website! I like the fact that they take into consideration all faces of fashion industry’s bad impact: fabrics production & treatment, tailors’ working condition, and environmental impact.

The boutique offers more than their own collection. Other great brands are present such as PeopleTree, Cus, Aurélie Chadaine, etc. You can find clothing but also accessories, nail polish, books, candles, etc. I let you get lost and tempted here.

Of course, transparency, strict social and environmental chart and well-done job has a price and it is definitely higher than the job done by a pressured worker without a decent training and working condition, who uses very poor fabrics.


The more I dig into sustainable fashion, the more aware I get about these crazy major and important differences. My cravings for new fashion pieces are still quite big but it becomes easier to resist to Zara, wait to have a bigger budget and feel way much happier with a jacket made from old saris, original and well cut.

About Aniza

Aniza is a community more than anything else. A place where you can enjoy goods made with style and love for you and our planet.

It is difficult to shop and not feel guilty about the impact it has on the world. We all know we must change the way we live and consume if we want future generations to live the same great life we have (or just us in twenty years if we don’t care about the other).

So what can we do? We surely won’t live without traveling on the other side of the world, having a new dress for our friend’s birthday planned next week or taking pics of magic moments with our smartphone! What we can do is to start small, by being a conscious consumer.

I truly believe that the smallest good thing we do can inspire friends, family and even brands to do better as well. Regarding Fashion, the second most polluting industry, imagine the impact a small action can have! Let’s say we buy less crap but more sustainable pieces, made by a conscious and eco-friendly brand. We look stunning, we inspire our friends, bam! We change the world!

Yes, I am very excited and positive.

But it is that simple. Aniza is here to gather all sustainable fashion pieces and good vibes for you to enjoy life with your eyes closed!